Adult MidWeek

It's simple. Come Wednesday's at 6:30pm. Grab some hot coffee & delicious treats. Dig into the Word of God. We are offering adults 3 great Bible studies that WILL strengthen a person's faith in Jesus Christ.


Classes (September -December)

1. How to Get Started Spiritually with Pastor Paul Roberts
When our lives intersect with Jesus, and we experience salvation, we struggle in following Him because we don't have to tools or the knowledge of how to live out our faith. Join Pastor Paul as he gives you all the tools you need to follow Jesus on a deeper level.

2. How to Pray with Pastor Dennis Holmes
Do you believe in the power of prayer? Absolutely we do. However, many times we need help and direction in how we can pray bold prayers. Join Pastor Dennis to develop habits of powerful prayer warrior. 

3. How to Study the Bible with Pastor Jaycob Kramer
We all know studying the Bible is one of the most important things we can do as believers, but tackling the task of understanding God's Word can be intimidating and challenging. Join Pastor Jaycob to learn how to study with confidence and clarity.

"How to Study Your Bible" Homework

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