Church Center App


Getting Started with the Church Center App 

You can download the church center app on your IOS (apple) or Android phones by going to the place you get your apps and searching for "church center".  

Follow These Steps

  1. Open the app 
  2. Allow notifications (so we can keep you informed) 
  3. Select "use my location" button (allow the app to use your location)
  4. Select "East Union Missionary Baptist Church"
  5. Select the "this is my church" button 
  6. Enter your phone number (a code will be texted to you) 
  7. Enter the verification code 

Once you get into the church center app update your profile by following these steps 


Explore all the tabs (bottom) but especially the groups tab 

(501) 888-2633
20422 N Springlake Rd. Hensley, AR 72065