Planning Center

Thank you for giving! Planning Center is an exciting and powerful tool that will help East Union reach more people and save our church money. We will use Planning Center to track attendance, kid's check-in system, help people get connected, church calendar, financial giving, communicate with our volunteer teams, and much more. 

Step 1: Watch this short video about giving with Planning Center 


Step 2: Click the link below to set up your account  


  1. Select the login button (upper right) 
  2. Enter your phone number or email address 
  3. Enter the passcode sent to your phone or email 
  4. Select Login as [yourself] 
  5. Click on your initials (grey circle in the upper right corner) 
  6. Scroll down to "my giving" and click on it 
  7. From here you can set up your "payment method" if you don't plan to schedule your giving, or you can set up your "reoccurring giving" to schedule your giving 

3. Using the Church Center Website and Phone App

Planning Center uses "Church Center" to make giving on the website and mobile app super easy, and it's all free.

Website: You can access and bookmark our church center website at

Phone App: You can download the church center app on your IOS (apple) or Android phones by going to the place you get your apps and searching for "church center".  

  1. Open the app 
  2. Allow notifications (so we can keep you informed) 
  3. Select "use my location" button (allow the app to use your location)
  4. Select "East Union Missionary Baptist Church"
  5. Select the "this is my church" button 
  6. Enter your phone number (a code will be texted to you) 
  7. Enter the verification code 

(501) 888-2633
20422 N Springlake Rd. Hensley, AR 72065