Kidz Kamp 2021


Dear Parent/Legal guardian of a child attending Kidz Kamp,

We are excited about Kidz Kamp at Bogg Springs on August 4-7. Kidz Kamp is for kids who have completed 2nd-6th grade.The theme this year is “Unsinkable”. You can find out more about Kidz Kamp or Bogg Springs at their web sites: or Join us in praying for a fun life-changing week of camp for all the kids!

This letter is meant to answer the most FAQs about camp:

We will load up luggage and meet to eat some pizza Wednesday August 4th at 11 a.m. at the Life Center. While we eat we will have a meeting with campers and parents. We will head out after the meeting and eating.

There is a concession stand at camp where they can purchase snacks, treats, and drinks. There will also be some camp extras they can purchase. You may give them money for that as you see fit. (P.S. consider that they will have to keep up with that money when considering the amount)

Kidz Kamp allows the kids to wear shorts and t-shirts for services and games. PLEASE KEEP EVERYTHING MODEST. They will need clothes to get messy and wet during game time along with shoes to run in. There is an assigned pool time for boys and girls.

We will have adults and teens that will help take care of the children. But please remember when packing that your kids will have to help greatly with keeping up with their clothes and stuff. If you need to write their name on it, or simply not pack the "best" clothes they have is up to you. We often bring big loads of unclaimed clothes from camp, and most of it does not get claimed.

They will need towels, shower stuff, shower shoes, sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, toothbrush and toothpaste.

There is camp nurses who can administer medicine if needed.

If your child brings his or her own Bible they will be responsible with keeping up with it. We advice not to send any family heirloom Bibles.

Please speak with your kids about behavior.

We will be back Saturday August 7th Lord willing between 3:30-4:30 p.m. I will verify on that day.

To join the Kidz Kamp text list text @kidzkamp21 to 81010.
Once you've joined feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Registration Cost:
July 12th DEADLINE: $80 for East Union Kids/ $120 for Guests
AFTER DEADLINE of July 12th: $145 for everyone
Camp T-shirt included if you register before deadline

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(501) 888-2633
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