The Classes

Summer University Classes // Session Two

Technology is a great and convenient tool but it can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. The only way we can protect our families from the threats of technology is to be proactive, and that begins by being informed about the  the best ways to monitor and secure your devices from threats. Join Ashley Harris as covers the dangers of the digital world and offers practical solutions. 


Hospitality is one of the best ways to live out the two greatest commandments: loving God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. But often we get caught up in perfecting our homes and conversations before we open our doors. Susie Irving will guide ladies in replacing cultural expectations with biblical hospitality to create daily rhythms of kindness, generosity, & presence at home and on the go. 








Men today are in a battle without bullets or bombs, but a battle all the same. Steve Veazey & Gary Griffis will help men understand that we all face decisions in life that demand courage. Courage is the ability to do the hard thing in every circumstance, despite the cost. Men need to know that tomorrow's integrity depends on today's bravery. 

Many women spend a lifetime keeping their raw emotions in check. These emotions can flare up at strangers, but more often, they affect the people we love the most. In this six-session, video-based study, author and speaker Lysa TerKeurst teaches how to acknowledge emotions and resolve conflicts in ways that lead to a more peaceful life. Study guide sold separately.

Did you know that more has been written about David than any other biblical character? Sixty-six chapters are dedicated to him. King David was important to Israel and is important to our faith in Christ. Ronnie Halpine will explore the life of David and discover life application to live by.   



Have you ever wanted to take a deeper look into the scriptures? Many times, people ignore the maps in their Bibles but there is an incredible value in viewing scripture through the lens of geography. Lynn Cole will help you gain a greater understanding of the events in scripture by exploring the geography of the Bible. 

We believe everyone can benefit from Life Recovery. We all have struggles in life; struggles with addictions, food, depression, anxiety, and relationships to name a few. We simply call these struggles habits, hurts and/or hang-ups. Life Recovery believes the solution to all of our problems is faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to scripture. Mary Bonner will take you through a step study to offer the tools to overcome any struggle you or a family member may be facing.

We all face-or will face-difficult times but what are we supposed to do when our comfortable world gets turned upside down? For many people, their faith is shaken. Dennis Holmes and Ken Robinson will give you an understanding of what a resilient faith looks like and how we can stand strong regardless of what comes at us.  

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